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Lakeya Times Up 

 Even if she is only 19, I couldn't be more happier for "Quality Control Music" and their new artist. Even if she is so young, she is very talented, and is now signed to a professional record label who "Money Maker's" strive to be like moving forward in the future. We are oth from the Mill, and once I get more professionals, and according to the streets, stop having shooting's and investigations, we should work together in the studio some day. "Gucci Mane" used to be the same way. Sorry "Saweetie" and "Cardi B", here is one of the rapper's that I can actually look up and down. A bright fututre ahead and thanks for reaping the Mill always, 414. Shoutouts to Migos, Lil Baby, Pierre Thomas, and Kevin "Coach K" Lee. With more wonderful years to come. While all these wannabe's in "Milwaukee" were trying to be like her, and with all of these young unprofessional people trying to get in my studio, had to shut it down again an go back to work. Always remember keep your head up Lakeya.