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Royalty Free Beat so that you may do whatever you need to with this beat. Can be use for all media purposes.

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Racing Fast
  • Racing Fast
  • Racing Fast
  • Racing Fast
  • Racing Fast
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Racing fast and keeping all of your eyes on the road and watching out for traffic the whole time. Keeping it both fast and safe when racing on the track or just in the streets.

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Thanks all crowdfunding is greatly Appreiciated. working on lastest album and also need money for tour. bringing the streets and the money makers street life straight to you.

Also just recently ungraded to a better place for recording, and Money Maker's Record Label is currently updating all recording equipement. Just would like to say thanks to all of our supporters for contributing to this or any campaign!

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Jennifer Lopez took a trip to Central Park in NYC Friday night 

I am so happy to see that Jennifer Lopez still has it after all these years. Giving a good perfomances, as usual. Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds are both two lucky man right now. WIth both of their significant others on fire right now. Cuz 50 cent night get mad right now, but it is still all love up in the club. I can remember practicing to the likes of LL Cool J, Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and other rapper's mentioned in this blog. Just like "Ice Cube" and "Ice - T " who I felt got underated as rapper's as they became actors, but who still has it and will always have it, like "LL Cool J". Just love to see that they still haven't missed a beat after all these years, with many more years to come.

Lakeya Times Up 

 Even if she is only 19, I couldn't be more happier for "Quality Control Music" and their new artist. Even if she is so young, she is very talented, and is now signed to a professional record label who "Money Maker's" strive to be like moving forward in the future. We are oth from the Mill, and once I get more professionals, and according to the streets, stop having shooting's and investigations, we should work together in the studio some day. "Gucci Mane" used to be the same way. Sorry "Saweetie" and "Cardi B", here is one of the rapper's that I can actually look up and down. A bright fututre ahead and thanks for reaping the Mill always, 414. Shoutouts to Migos, Lil Baby, Pierre Thomas, and Kevin "Coach K" Lee. With more wonderful years to come. While all these wannabe's in "Milwaukee" were trying to be like her, and with all of these young unprofessional people trying to get in my studio, had to shut it down again an go back to work. Always remember keep your head up Lakeya.

Reid Clark $500,000 For Five Kids 

This is really a true Father's love. To make sure that his kid's do not go through, the hardship's in life that he had went through. Mother's try to understand, and do their best, but can not be a fully understand a "Father Figure" no matter what. By today rules, they would rib the shit out of this man for loving all of his five kid's, making sure that they all have a better chance at a better future. Hat's off for keeping the real 'Daddy Tradition" alive, "Reid Clark" with that $500,000.

Billie Eilish Stay Strong 

So talented and gifted, we all have our fair share of problems to deal with. From a stalker, to fans trying to choke you out. Don't let it get to you kiddo, just remember that you are on fire, and that there will always be hater's around you whenever you are.


Still up celebrating and probably the only "Rapper" who I gave 3 free beats to, go and check it, it's in your email. Check under or at He is always active and always looking out for the Community. Trae Tha Truth! The Houston OG that has been recognized as someone who has been honoured by the Milwaukee City Council.

2021 NBA ChampionShip "Milwaukee Bucks" 

Been getting back to it, but so happy and excited to see my very own hometown basketball team, win the NBA Finals. Just as I has watched Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers do for us in Football. Probably, been doing too much partying. Thanks Giannis Antetokounmpo. Can't wait until the "Defending Champs" come back for next year season.

2021 The Future Of The Rap Game 

What will the ultimate Future of The Rap Game Be in 2022? With Roc Nation's taking over as all the hottest "Artist" Management Company around right now, why does one even need a record label company anymore? Begs to ask, probably still will for live entertainment events.. I am just saying, "Food For Thought".

Money Makers

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